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Le Monde Real Estate, established in Dubai since 2023, is more than just a real estate agency!

As a fully licensed real estate consultancy, we are committed to providing first class service to local and international clients.

We are engaged in 3 main activities:

– The Off-Plan market,
– Secondary market,
– Rental Management.

Whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced real estate buyer, our real estate agency, Le Monde Real Estate, will assist you from the time you purchase to the time you rent your property.

The choice of your real estate agency and your advisor is a decision not to be neglected during your search for a property. Our agency will accompany you throughout this investment. 

Your Le Monde Real Estate consultant will be your ticket to all the best opportunities in Dubai. Having a perfect knowledge of the market, our agents will know how to find you the projects that will correspond to your expectations and your needs. 

Talk to our Le Monde Real Estate agents with complete transparency, whether it is for a living project or a rental investment! 

For several years, Dubai has become the new Eldorado for investors. It must be said that this cosmopolitan and dynamic city has seduced many. 

If you are still hesitating to buy a property in Dubai, here are some reasons to convince you: 

A dynamic market even in the midst of a global pandemic

According to a study conducted by the Emirates News Agency (WAM), the city recorded more than 51,414 real estate transactions in 2020, that is 140 transactions per day and AED 175 billion. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, the Dubai real estate market has suffered no, or very little, impact. 

The most profitable city in 2021

In 2021, the United Arab Emirates tops the list with its two cities, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, as the most profitable cities in the world. Ranging from 7 to 12% return, depending on the project, Dubai is a safe bet in terms of real estate investment. The CIA Insurance also adds, that Dubai would be, in 2021, the most profitable city in the world for owners using the Airbnb platform!

0% taxes and 0% taxes

Among the city’s many advantages, taxation is a key factor in deciding on a real estate investment in Dubai. 

An investment that will allow you to benefit from exceptional tax advantages: 0% taxes and 0% taxes, that’s how the tax legislation in the United Arab Emirates works. 

The real estate developers also offer interesting payment facilities. This is a payment plan spread over several months or years allowing you to pay for your property in installments without interest! For this, no application fees, nor tedious requests to your bank, your passport and a deposit will be enough to reserve your property. 

A captivating destination

With nearly 290,000 French visitors and more than 7 million tourists from all over the world in 2021, the famous city with its many vertiginous buildings has been voted the best city break destination (study conducted by the British comparison site Compare The Market)

And that’s not all! 

It has also been named:

– First most welcoming city in the world
– First most popular city in the world in 2022 by TripAdvisor at the Travellers’ Choice Awards 2022 
– And third safest city in the world for women traveling alone, according to the Insure My Trip study.

If you would like to know more about Dubai and the reasons for investing in Dubai real estate, please feel free to contact our agents Le Monde Real Estate. 

In addition to the reasons stated above in the tab “Why invest in Dubai? the advantages of buying a property in Dubai are numerous. 

Exceptional properties at attractive prices

As we all know, Dubai does not do half measures, even for its real estate projects! 

From a simple 40m2 studio (yes, studios in Dubai are generally the equivalent of a T1 in France) to a villa of more than 800m2, the city offers a wide choice of properties if you wish to invest. Exceptional properties with carefully crafted designs at attractive prices! 

A city within a city

Buying a property in Dubai is also buying a community. The set of amenities and population that these neighborhoods occupy are called “communities”. The choice of community will depend on your needs. For example, if you are a family, a business, a young single couple, or if you are looking for green spaces or towering buildings…all of these will be important in the choice of your community. 

Following the purchase of your apartment or villa, a number of amenities are made available to the community: community pools, children’s playgrounds, gyms, restaurants and retail stores…all the comforts of a resort and a mini-city at home! 

A simplified visa application

Once you have completed your real estate purchase, a visa application will be possible. Several visas are offered by the United Arab Emirates according to several criteria. You will be eligible to apply for a visa from 750 000aed for properties purchased on the old market and 2 000 000aed for new properties.

Our Le Monde Real Estate agents are available 7 days a week! Contact them for more information. 

Dubai is one of the most attractive cities in the world. According to numerous studies, the city is one of the top 3 most attractive cities for real estate investment. 

Located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai is a popular destination for expatriates, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals from around the world. It is also a beautiful place for vacationers. 

The number of inhabitants is increasing year after year. In fact, according to the DSC, Dubai Statistics Center, there has been an 8% increase in population from all over the world. The demand for housing is also increasing. 

In terms of profitability, it varies between 8 and 12% depending on the region. This is why, as an investor, rental investment is an excellent solution. 

Moreover, Dubai has adopted a very interesting tax system, the 0 tax! The Emirates welcome many expatriates. The city is resolutely turned towards the future, aiming to become the first tourist destination in the world by 2025!

Contact the Le Monde Real Estate team to guide you in a rental investment in Dubai.

At Le Monde Real Estate, we have a department exclusively dedicated to rental management. This department has all the knowledge and skills required for the rental of your property.

It will be important for us to write a good advertisement of your property, in order to put it forward on our website and the various real estate rental platforms in Dubai; this will allow you to find a tenant quickly.

In short, we take care of everything! 

Searching for tenants, managing the visits, putting the property up for rent, drawing up the contracts, etc. 

Our real estate agency Le Monde Real Estate will provide you with a solution that will allow you to manage your property remotely. It will be possible for you to :
– Control the entries and exits,
– Reserve your apartment for your arrival. 

If you want more information about our rental management services, please contact our real estate agency Le Monde Real Estate!

Dubai Marina
Dubai Marina is a good mid-range option. It is a mature community with a rich variety of apartments and many restaurants.

It is also one of Dubai’s picturesque neighborhoods with huge residences around the marina which makes this place very popular with expats.

It is a very popular area, always sought after by buyers and renters, but always at a moderate price compared to more upscale areas like Palm or Downtown.

Palm Jumeirah
The Palm is one of the most expensive at 5,360 euros per square meter. Prices have held up well despite the market slump, with nearly 600 sales in 2018, and the secondary market remains vibrant.

Palm is second only to Marina in terms of popularity with investors. It’s an upscale neighborhood with good shopping and excellent restaurants.

Palm is also popular with condo and villa buyers. A studio could cost €531,000; a three-bedroom villa could cost €2.1 million.

Downtown – Business Bay
Downtown Dubai and Burj Khalifa slightly outperformed The Palm in terms of price, topping the list at €7,382 per square meter. Studios here can cost €290,000; you can get a two-bedroom apartment in Jumeirah Village Circle for the same price!

But the investment here is indeed solid. The Burj Khalifa is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world, with a strong secondary market and attractive rental yields.

Investing in real estate can already be turned to the international area. Particularly cosmopolitan, it offers excellent rental returns whether you choose a studio or a T2.

Great ambitions for the future.

First of all the Dubai 2040 plan, which is an urban redevelopment plan, the main actions of this redevelopment plan are :

The increase of the population:
Home today more than 3.3 million inhabitants
In 2040, the population of Dubai should reach 5.8 million inhabitants
+ 60% more green space
+ 55% of the population will be able to live within 800 meters of a public transportation station.

The ultimate goal is to increase the quality of life in the Emirate and offer new perspectives.

Dubai is one of the TOP 10 safest cities in the world.

Every year, Numbeo, the largest participatory database of all cities and countries in the world, posts its ranking, out of a total of 431 cities. 

In 2021, Dubai is at the 7th place of this ranking. It should be noted that the first city in France, the most secure, is the city of Nice, which comes in at 194th position.

Note that 3 cities in the United Arab Emirates are in the TOP 10 of the most secure cities (1st Abu Dhabi, 6th Sharjah and 7th Dubai).

Many cultures are present in the Emirates, more than 12% of Emiratis and 88% of expatriates. Dubai is now a city that attracts the largest number of expatriates.

Le Monde Real Estate advises you in your real estate investment in Dubai.

When we look at the real estate investment numbers, we see that 2021 is a banner year for investors.

The COVID-19 crisis has propelled real estate investment in Dubai. According to figures recorded by Dubailand Department, since the beginning of the year, the amount of transactions is only increasing, as well as the number of transactions.

More and more investments are being made in Dubai’s secondary market. Investors who have made speculative investments in the Off-Plan projects are currently making significant capital gains on the resale of their property.

To date, we recommend investing in the off-plan market. This type of investment will allow you to invest in the most popular projects of the moment as well as to make a capital gain when the project is delivered.

Do not hesitate to contact our agency Le Monde Real Estate to guide and advise you throughout your project.

The fact of not paying any additional taxes to the state is one of the most known reasons of many people.

Not paying taxes or income tax, resale tax or even property tax is a real added value. Dubai has plans to increase the number of inhabitants and is betting a lot on real estate investment.

To note: The only tax in Dubai is the VAT, at 5%.

Do not hesitate to contact one of our Le Monde Real Estate agents for more information.

At Le Monde Real Estate, we do our most to make your purchase as secure and easy as possible for you.

Foreigners and expatriates can purchase properties in Dubai that are designated as separate zones under the Land Titles Act or Law No. 7 of 2006.

However, free zones such as DIFC have their own legal real estate.
The UAE and its companies can own land anywhere in the UAE.

However, companies with non-UAE shareholders are not considered UAE or GCC unless they are limited companies.

Foreigners may also acquire other types of property. They are tenants. Non-UAE citizens are entitled to land leases, musataha, full ownership or use rights as long as the ruler of Dubai allows.

The tenure is for 99 years, so non-UAE citizens can only own property in certain areas.

However, foreigners do not own the land on which the property is located and ultimate ownership of the land belongs to the freeholder.

Knowing your status as a foreigner, whether as an individual or a company, is crucial in determining where you legally own land in the UAE.

DLD is the leading real estate and land agency in Dubai. The organization decides who is eligible to own the country.

It also determines when and how real estate transfers, so it is the main association dealing with land issues in Dubai.

By going through all the steps with DLD, you can own your property or obtain a lease without legal barriers.

All potential or current landlords who are not UAE citizens should ensure that they check with DLD frequently to ensure that any updates or policy changes do not affect your contractual agreements. current.

An area where you can own real estate.

Article 3 of By-law No. 3 of 2006 lists the parcels of land designated as real estate that non-emirates may own or lease.

These areas include Palm Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina, Discovery Gardens, World Islands and International Cities.

These areas will then be open to foreigners from outside the UAE who invest in real estate in Dubai.

However, a condition of the land ownership rules in these zones is that non-UAE citizens and their companies can establish a free zone company in Dubai, but the property can only be registered in the name of the company established.

With Le Monde Real Estate, you can be sure that your project will be delivered on time. Do not hesitate to contact our team Le Monde Real Estate.

In the city of Dubai, you can buy in three different ways:
– buy a new property off-plan;
– buy a new and ready to move in property;
– buying a property that is for sale by a private individual.
– Buying off-plan housing.

The rates of private houses, luxury villas and apartments on plan are generally interesting.

However, before purchasing, it is advisable to contact a reputable and trusted property developer.

In Dubai, the main developers are EMAAR, DAMAC Properties and Nakheel.

These builders offer very strong guarantees and if you are familiar with the Dubai real estate market, you can contact them directly instead of going through a Le Monde Real Estate agent.



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